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Damián’s Tip: Santy Seafood Restaurant


Each week, our insiders working here at Cuba Travel Network give us their best tips on where to go in Havana. This week, Damián, our developer, tips us a hole-in-the-wall seafood and sushi restaurant in the far west of the Playa neighborhood in Havana. Damián: “In the maelstrom of life in Havana, Santy is a safely-kept oasis.”

Santy is more than just another seafood restaurant. If there could only be one world-class restaurant in Cuba, Santy is it. While it’s been open for years, and is widely talked about throughout Havana, it’s hard to find. Damián: “Starting with its entrance, Santy is unlike any restaurant in Havana. From the outside, it doesn’t look different from a modest house, but once you enter, you’re automatically shielded from the speed and madness of the city.”

Tucked away on Jaimanitas river in western Havana, rustic decor and nautical themes match the restaurant’s location overlooking wooden docks and boats. Damián: “The river and boats create a setting that allows you to slow down and relax.”

Far away from the commotion of central Havana, there’s no loud music here. The laid-back vibe actually places more focus on the menu, which isn’t on paper, but dictated by the daily catch, some of which comes from the fishermen working just outside the restaurant. Damián: “I very much recommend the ceviche.”


For a main course, Santy has the best homemade nigri (a type of sushi made of thin slices of raw fishes pressed over vinegared rice) in Cuba. If sushi isn’t for you, try the swordfish.

Santy Seafood Restaurant: Calle 240A #3023 esq. 3raC, Jaimanitas, (+53) 5286 – 7039