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3 Best Beaches in Cuba


Travel sophisticates may say that the real authentic Cuba exists far away from the beach. But even Cubans appreciate the crystal clear waters and fine sands of the island. Here, we set out to find the best beach in Cuba.

Varadero: Most Famous

Playa Varadero in Cuba.

The longest and most famous beach in Cuba is Varadero on the north coast. It would be ambitious to walk the length of the beach in a day, especially after all the cocktails that you might find yourself drinking en route. Varadero has white sand, blue sea, masses of good hotels and plenty of friendly people to talk to.

Playa Ensenachos: Most Chilled Out

Playa Ensenachos in Cuba

This beach on Cayo Ensenachos, is part of a group of  small islands off the north coast of Cuba. It is a totally different scene, and almost entirely deserted. The sand has a texture similar to talcum powder, and the shallow water is as warm and clear as air.

Playa Pilar: The Winner

Playa Pilar in Cuba

This beach, on Cayo Guillermo, is the star of the show. It is perfect bliss, with rolling sand dunes, a beautiful bay, warm turquoise water and authentic rustic charm unspoiled by deck chairs and gaudy cocktails. The  Iberostar Playa Pilar hotel is the only resort in the vicinity of Playa Pilar and is often thought of as the gateway to the beach. It’s easy to spend hours floating in the shimmering shallow water. This windswept paradise is the best beach in Cuba.