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4 Best Cigar and Rum Brands in Cuba


When you think about Cuba, what immediately comes to mind? Did you picture yourself smoking an incredible cigar, rum cocktail in hand? So did we. If you’re planning a trip to the Caribbean island and looking to purchase the best of both, we’ve created a list of our favorite rum and cigar brands in Cuba.

Etiqueta de Cohiba 1

Cohiba Cigars

Launched in 1996, Cohiba remains one of the most prestigious cigar brands in the world. Each of its cigars—shorter but thicker than those from other companies—is created with a secret blend of tobacco leaves from several of the island’s best tobacco regions, including Pinar del Río. The Cohiba Behike line is the first Habano to feature 6 different leaves in its filler as opposed to the normal 5, providing consumers with a slow burn and lasting flavor.

Cohiba Behike ‘BHK 54’ (Behike 54) – Box of 10, USD $525


Havana Club Selección de Maestros

“Maestros roneros” (“master rum-makers”) behind all Havana Club rums select barrels based on their aromatic properties to produce their Master Selection bottles of triple-barrel-aged rum. The premium liquor has a warm amber color, full-bodied cocoa flavor with notes of coffee, sweet tobacco and brown spices—and an aftertaste of candied fruit and smoky oak. Enjoy neat as ice will alter the balance of the flavors.

Havana Club ‘Selección de Maestros’ – USD $40.00


Romeo y Julieta Cigars

Named after the famous star-crossed lovers in Shakespeare’s tragedy, Romeo y Julieta has won numerous awards since it was established in 1875. The Romeo No. 2 is known for the unique aroma—sweet and floral with hints of chocolate, cedar and nuts—and flavor—reminiscent of nutmeg, white pepper, butter, leather, coffee and cacao. Famous fans of this brand include the  Winston Churchill.

Romeo y Julieta ‘Romeo No. 2’ – Box of 10 petacas, USD $59; Pack of 3 petacas, USD $18


Havana Club Tributo

Master rum maker Asbel Morales and rum sommelier Fernando Fernandez Milan came up with Havana Club’s Tribute blend of white rum, aged for 80 years.  Each bottle from this limited collection of 2500 bottles a year displays a seal of guarantee on the label by the Maestro himself. Enjoy like a local, paired with a cigar.

Havana Club ‘Tributo’ – USD $350.00