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The Best Rooftop Bars with a View in Havana


Havana is a city with hundreds of beautiful views, many of which can be found at the city’s wide range of rooftop bars. From upscale spaces where you can eat world-class food and listen to local jazz musicians to the famed hangout of Ernest Hemingway, there are rooftop drinking options for everyone in Cuba’s capital. Here are five great rooftop bars and restaurants with a view in Havana.


La Divina Pastora

With one of the most scenic views of Old Havana harbour, La Divina Pastora is a must-visit during your next trip. La Divina Pastora offers a full food menu, but it’s their excellent drinks and perfect location that bring visitors back again and again. Make sure to plan your visit for near sunset as La Divina Pastora is the perfect place to enjoy the beautiful view, along with a mojito or two.


 Hotel Sevilla Rooftop Bar

The Hotel Sevilla Rooftop bar is located near the elegant Prado promenade and is in the center of many theaters, restaurants and cafes. However, the historic hotel’s rooftop is really where you want to spend your time. Along with beautiful surrounding views, the rooftop terrace hosts the talented young stars of Habana Clásicos every Friday to serenade guests throughout the night.


La Flauta Mágica in Vedado

Named after famed local musician Richard Egües, La Flauta Mágica is located 10 stories up from Vedado’s busy streets. Along with the stellar view, it’s their extensive rum selection, including the full Havana Club portfolio, that draws visitors and locals alike each night. Additionally, the bar’s jazz nights feature some of Cuba’s most notable musicians.


Versus 1900 Rooftop

The Versus 1900 is a striking high-ceilinged, 120-year-old Vedado mansion, which houses a full restaurant and a beautiful rooftop bar to retire to after dinner. The outdoor space offers smartly outfitted spa beds and other lounging set-ups, which are perfect for lingering over everything from a well-aged rum served straight up to a mojito or daiquiri.


La Terraza de Cojímar 

La Terraza de Cojímar is one of Havana’s most famous establishments and was once frequented by the legendary Ernest Hemingway, who was known to sit at a corner table overlooking the bay while enjoying an oversized daiquiri or two. Years later, this is still the best way to enjoy the rooftop at La Terraza de Cojímar. Order some fresh fish and a drink or two and look out over the ocean, while pondering many of life’s big questions (just like Hemingway did).

Images provided by: @heathertini, @cwhit21, @caylstuff and @dresstosurvive on Instagram; Versus 1900 on Facebook.